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Working abstractly, my sculptures are basically geometric and inspired by architectonic forms that are drawings in space. Like many contemporary artists, I am as concerned with space as I am with form. The open areas become an integral part of the composition, to be given equal importance with the enclosing line. This has been one of the most important departures from classical sculpture taken by artists in this century. I use to full advantage the freedom that constructed sculpture has given me, enabling me to move away from carved or cast solid form and to work freely into space through the use of welded metals and their tensile strengths. It is constructive rather than a reductive system.

Since year 2000 I have been creating kinetic pieces with parts that sway and revolve as the breeze strikes them. Many of them are large in scale. My main purpose is to make public art by focusing on movement as means that is both entertaining and enlightening with polished stainless steel surfaces, to catch and reflect light and engineering to react to even delicate alterations in wind currents, these objects fulfill their sculptural potential by interacting with the towering trees and sensuous movements of the natural environment, in a continually active conceptual dialogue with their surrounding world.